Dempsey in Israel, Jordan, to tie last ends before Obama decides finally on US military action in Syria

Dempsey in Israel, Jordan, to tie last ends before Obama decides finally on US military action in Syria.

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report August 13, 2013, 8:44 AM (IDT)
US and Jordanian special forces

US and Jordanian special forces

Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey arrived in Israel Monday, Aug. 12 for critical talks with Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense minister Moshe Ya’alon and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, followed by parallel talks in Jordan. debkafile reports he has come to lay the ground ahead of President Barack Obama’s final decision to embark on limited US military intervention in the Syria civil war.
The Obama plan, if it goes forward, would involve Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Israel, Jordan and possibly Turkey. debkafile’s Washington and military sources reveal its 11 high points – most of which were first reported exclusively in DEBKA Weekly 598 on Aug. 1:

1. US, British, French, Saudi and United Arab Emirates will establish a no-fly zone over central and southern Syria, stretching from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to and including Damascus.

2.  The Israeli Air Force will provide these forces with air cover from Syrian air space.

3.  A 40-kilometer deep military buffer zone will be drawn from the Jordanian-Israeli borders up to the southern and western outskirts of Damascus. The military units controlling this zone will hold the entire area of the capital within artillery range.

4.  The southern Syrian town of Deraa, where the Syrian uprising sprang up, will be declared capital of Liberated Syria.

5.   President Obama has determined that there will no American troops in the buffer zone or anywhere else on Syrian soil, only special Syrian rebel forces.
6.  Those forces will consist of 3,000 fighters trained in Jordan by US military instructors. They will be headed by Jordanian special forces and operate under US officers based in Jordan.

7. To host them, the US Army has just finished building in the Hashemite Kingdom a huge training camp and logistical system, debkafile’s military sources report. All the weapons and equipment required to train and arm the rebel force are already stacked there.
8.  The American operational command center for the Syrian operation is already in place in Amman led by US Brig. Gen. John Wright, who at 57 is a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

9.  The US air force units for imposing the no-fly zone over Syria are already in position at Middle East locations and ready to go at 36 hours’ notice.

10.  A Druze unit trained by US military instructors will be a key component of the special rebel force. It was put up by the million-strong community which populates 120 villages and towns in the Jabal al-Druze area of southern Syria. They are situated in a commanding position overlooking the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.

11. US forces deployed in the Middle East, especially in Jordan and Israel, will stand ready for possible reprisals against American, Israeli, Jordanian or Turkish targets, if ordered by Syrian President Bashar Assad in retaliation for the no-fly and buffer zones.

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16 Comments on “Dempsey in Israel, Jordan, to tie last ends before Obama decides finally on US military action in Syria”

  1. Norm Says:

    In addition to the no fly zone, will Syrian forces on the ground be attacked? Will Iran be stopped from bringing in massive amounts of their own men and equipment?

    I just hope we don’t do this half ass.

  2. Luis Says:

    Before we’ll draw any conclusion from this debka analysis / military prognosis, I’ll say: Lets hold our horses. Easy, and not so fast. Somebody here run forward and he didn’t paid attention that the ground vanished in front of him.

    First things first. Indeed, a non fly zone based on Deraa was also mentioned in a previous Rotter report – which I quoted here – but the scope and the means were more limited in that original report.

    Secondly, it will be a no fly zone imposed by ”US, British, French, Saudi and United Arab Emirates” with ”air cover from Syrian air space” been provided by Israel (!?). Only a second here, please.
    He who is imposing a no fly zone and is using his jets for enforcing it, he is responsible for air cover too, otherwise, the side who will provide air cover its also a part from the no fly zone enforcing.
    We want to clarify this, because, if this part of the report is accurate, Israel too will be a part from the enforcing the no fly zone over Syria, and this is very serious stuff, if you know what I mean.
    The implications of Israel engagement in Syria -or even the start of the international intervention there without Israeli intervention by any means – is that Operation Iran will be postponed, again. Israel wont attack Iran while foreign forces are trying to fight Iran, Assad and Hezbollah in Syria. Israel might do ”something” along the road, but more like far along this road.
    And the last one: In this stage of the events and with the present players, a Western – Arab intervention in Syria will have incalculable consequences, complicating an equation which already has many variables but no solutions.

    • Justice for Israel Says:

      this total bull its the uk pulling the strings Israels air force will be involved mainly to protect israel and some deep penetrating missions,and on top of that this is going to be the mother of all conflagrations not in one line does it mention russia the primary objective is to remove russia from the med and middel east this is not the time for debka to play guessing as it is nato operation of which debka has no source other than where it gets most of the rumors it prints rottor,it could even go nuclear,our government has made it very clear were not messing round,it will move onto iran that is the talk,it is bait and destroy mission,designed to provide the excuse to kill off all our enemy’s and may well be at israels expense so beware

    • Mark Says:

      I would hesitate to make any assumptions about how an escalation in Syria would effect the timing of an Iran operation.

      It could lead to regional war and bring up the timetable.

      But in any case the military window won’t remain open forever (if it is even still open at this late hour). Netanyahu is going to have to make a final decision on Iran very soon one way or the other.

      • Luis Says:

        If the ground operations in Syria will escalate and no fly zones will be imposed together with new elements of ground forces while certain countries will be openly implicated, their boots on the ground included, Israel will not break this party and will let the players to finish the game; it has happened in the past, is happening as we speak ant it will happen in the near future.

        No Israeli unprovoked operation should take place while foreign countries are conducting war in the region. This is Israeli policy, Mark, and not Luis’ opinion.

  3. Luis Says:

    Rotter is reporting this morning that large Hezbollah forces are already fighting in Latakia area, trying to halt the advance of the rebels there, rebels who already occupied a number of alawite villages in the region. The Syrian air forces are also very active on this front and Sukhoi and Migs fighter jets were also spotted, being very active and bombarding the rebels position. Long and vulnerable military convoys are rushed by Assad from the main cities battle fronts to Latakia, making those convoys easy targets for the rebels ambushes(Rotter).

  4. 2. The Israeli Air Force will provide these forces with air cover from Syrian air space.

    This is absolute BS.

    The IAF is worldclass but no nation is going to rely on another for aircover for their own air or ground forces, outside of NATO etc.

    • Luis Says:

      Our conclusion was the same in the previous comment regarding this new debka entry.

      • The only real way to work it is a complete NFZ over all Syria

        • Luis Says:

          Imposing even an incomplete no fly zone over Syria is the beginning of the end there from Assad point of view. What is that, what really means this ”no fly zone”? It means jets presence over Syria, jets which are not Assad jets. And that is all, because the dogfights will start almost instant, once this zone will be imposed.
          But we said more than that: what are we saying is that the entering of such forces now in and over Syria will complicate the Syrian equation, which was already with too many variables and with no immediate solution.
          Strangely, Snowden affair will have an impact on the administration timing for intervention in Syria. Putin underestimated Obama, this time. He – Putin – thought that the American president will swallow this new frog from Putin Kitchen and will not react too much to this typical Russian behavior. But Obama gone mad, he was very angry on Putin, which was named by Obama ”a school boy, not so pleased with himself” because of its position in the chair ( the body language of Putin was bizarre, to say the least ). But Obama will not restrain himself this time: it appears that a sort of green light was given to all the interested parties that that Syria time has come and new cards will enter this game.

          • Justice for Israel Says:

            Obama doesnt give a fuck its all orchestrated by the uk,there wont be any dog fights assad will ground his air fore immediately most big player anti air opps are from destroyers on top of this assad is up against euro fighters there is no aircraft in the world that can out perform one in combat they are far superior to a f15 and f16

          • Luis Says:

            To Justice: the expression ”dogfights” was used to illustrated the fact that any Syrian / Russian jet presence in the air will be heavy and instantly contested by the western allies air force and, indeed,
            the Syrian pilots may enter in a long, well deserved, holiday.

          • Justice for Israel Says:

            I really hope this doesn’t happen,no one seams to really get the gravity of it,it may all spiral out of control into europe and beyond,i hope what were hearing is just hypothetical preparation and not a set in motion ticking clock,because it really does look like the fan is now turning the alternative theory is that its Egypt thats the target because of suiz

  5. jim Says:

    I don’t put much value on anything DEBKA prints. There is no way that the UAE will join in a joint military action with countries that include Israel as one of the members. If there is such a military action then Israel will not be a part of it.

    • Luis Says:

      …it should not be and it wont be .

      • Justice for Israel Says:

        yes but your thinking small and i am sure if this does kick off its going to be one hell of a fight once russia is involved you wont be able to sit it out,You are a nato partner so rank Carrys,so you cant totally discount it luis,what i am hearing is if it does happen there expecting major repercussions,so i expect that assad will attack israel jordan and iran saudi,this may be defining moment for isral the past may well be put to rest at the end as regards to the arabs who knows

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