Netanyahu says Israel will withstand any challenge to its security

Netanyahu says Israel will withstand any challenge to its security | JPost | Israel News.

LAST UPDATED: 06/26/2013 12:51
While observing a Golani brigade exercise in the Golan, the prime minister advises those who seek to harm Israel to not test its resolve; says Israel has to “prepare accordingly” to flammable, dynamic situation in Syria.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu talks to Golani officer in the field during exercise, June 26.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu talks to Golani officer in the field during exercise, June 26. Photo: Koby Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon attended a Golani Brigade war drill on the Golan Heights on Wednesday, and issued stern warnings to potential attackers on the other side of the border of severe consequences that would stem from violations of Israeli sovereignty.

“We don’t want to challenge anyone but no one will harm the State of Israel,” the prime minister said.

Netanyahu, who was last in the Golan in September, came back to the area in order to send a message of determination in the face of the rapidly changing situation in Syria.

“I want to tell you from experience that battle is the kingdom of uncertainty,” he said. “Regardless of how much training and preparation, it is the kingdom of uncertainty.”

Netanyahu said that even with all available technology, battles are won by determination and “the ability to break the enemy and make them scared to death.”

The prime minister said that at a time when the situation is “so flammable and dynamic,” exercises in the Golan Heights are not just something theoretical.

Netanyahu said he hopes that Israel is not tested, but if it is, he said “we will withstand any challenge.”

The prime minister characterized the situation as flammable and dynamic, and said “Israel had to be prepared accordingly.”

The maneuver included infantry tanks and a UAV, that Netanyahu seemed to take a special interest in.

At a certain point he got on the field radio to talk to an officer in the field who gently reminded the prime minister that “the other side was listening.” Netanyahu responded with “let them hear. They should know that we could go to any side.”

Ya’alon also warned that Israel wouldn’t tolerate a violation of its sovereignty or harm inflicted on IDF soldiers or Israeli civilians, either on the northern border or from the Gaza Strip.

“It’s important to clarify to all who are on the other side of the border, and who are planning to harm us in one way or another, that we are ready and determined to act with full force,” Ya’alon said.

Ya’alon added he received a favorable impression from the level of training and readiness exhibited by Golani Brigade soldiers, which, together with additional combat units, “could find themselves called into battle at short notice. Hence this drill, like others held these days, has a special significance, at this time and in this sector.”

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