‘4,000 well-armed, prepared to die’ Hezbollah fighters in Syria

Israel Hayom | ‘4,000 well-armed, prepared to die’ Hezbollah fighters in Syria.

State Department calls on Hezbollah to withdraw fighters from Syria, says Washington “continuing to increase and escalate our aid and support for the opposition” • French Foreign Minister Fabius: Regime supporters “being guided by Iranian officials.

News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff
Two Lebanese Sunni gunmen fire a weapon in Bab Al Tabbaneh in the northern Lebanese town of Tripoli this week


Photo credit: Reuters

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4 Comments on “‘4,000 well-armed, prepared to die’ Hezbollah fighters in Syria”

  1. renbe Says:

    So all sorts of terrorists and jihadists can come to Syria to fight against the legitimate Syrian government, but people that want to support the Syrian government have to stay away?

    • artaxes Says:

      You are so stupid, it defies belief.
      You have managed to contradict yourself in one sentence.
      You can deny it all you want but It is obvious to anyone with more then two functioning brain cells.that you are nothing but a propagandist for the mullah regime.
      While you whine about the fact that terrorists and jihadists fight Assad you complain about the objections against ‘people who want to support the Syrian goverment’.
      Hizbollah are in fact terrorists and jihadis.
      The readers of this forum generally are intelligent and knowledegeable and will not fall for your crap.
      Anyone of us here could do better propaganda for your regime.
      In short: You are so stupoid that you cannot convince anyone of us.
      You are boring, and repetitive and the only thing that justifies your presence here is that you offer us some entertainment when we all laugh about your stupidity.

  2. artaxes Says:

    You are sick. Hizbollah ARE terrorists and jihadists.

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