Explosion Destroys Fordo – Underground Key Iran Nuclear Site – FWIW

Explosion Destroys Key Iran Nuclear Site – YouTube.

For what it’s worth…

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17 Comments on “Explosion Destroys Fordo – Underground Key Iran Nuclear Site – FWIW”

  1. Luis Says:

    Globes also is debating this good news :


    Our guess is that ”something strange” indeed has happened at that site, but the iranians wont say a word about it, of course. And others will not want to celebrate too loud, from obvious reasons, of course. But we, the simple people, we can be happy and loud. Great things are happening in these days.

  2. Thunderbunny Says:

    It’s good to see that someone brought the THUNDER. 😉

  3. artaxes Says:

    We might have indeed reason to celebrate.


    The reputable and serious news paper “Die Welt” claims in their sunday edition “WELT AM SONNTAG” that another Iran expert confirmed Kahlili’s story.
    The article is written in German.
    I’ve translated only the relevant part:

    “After Khalili has published his report in Thursday on the news website WND, the article spread quickly among experts on Iran and the Iranian nuclear programm.
    Up to now that report has not been confirmed by the Iranian side and it was unclear, how reliable Khalili’s sources are. Now an Iran expert with intelligence contacts has confirmed to the “Welt am Sonntag” that the explosion did really happen. According to these informations not 240 but at least 190 workers in the nuclear site have been cut off from the outside world.”


  4. defencetoday.com Says:

    So what do we all think happened?

    Laser guided bomb dropped from high altitude? Or an actual infiltration of the site?

    • artaxes Says:

      If it did indeed happen which I’m more and more inclined to believe we shouldn’t give the enemy too many ideas and clues, but celebrate one of these precious view moments of joy.
      Let the mullah monkeys fiind out themselves.
      Cheers, Prost, Lachaim and Yammas!

    • Luis Says:

      What it is sure is we’ll see more and more events like this all along this year.

    • Kishonist Says:

      When scientists with far inferior IQs try to replicate the work of a Jewish genius like Robert Oppenheimer and his collaborators, shit happens.
      They should be more reasonable next time and build wooden javelins, axes, or be content with polishing rocks. And attack nothing more dangerous than a bunch of monkeys.

  5. Louisiana Steve Says:

    To mark this occasion, I suggest Dom Perignon 1995, a light fruity white champagne with a robust character that goes well with the taste of victory.

  6. defencetoday.com Says:

    In a phone-interview with Ha’aret (Kahlili used a voice-distorting device), he insisted that his information was accurate and based on his “several sources in the Revolutionary Guards, government offices and [Supreme Leader] Khamenei’s office.” He admitted to frustration over the mainstream media’s lack of reaction to this report and said: “I have revealed many facts about the regime and its secret work and months later major news network picked it up.”

    Among his recent revelations which have not attracted attention are two new enrichment installations which he claims are being operated with Russian cooperation and use laser technology. He volunteered another scoop – following the Fordow explosion, he claims meetings have already been held between Revolutionary Guard commanders nad Hasan Nasrallah in which Hizbullah have been ordered to evacuate a number of villages in South Lebanon in preparation of an attack on Israel.

    He is totally convinced that in the coming weeks, additional information will emerge and the regime’s retaliation will confirm his version.


  7. Thunderbunny Says:

    Reza is a good guy. I chatted with him briefly in e-mail.

  8. artaxes Says:

    A good summary of the media coverage so far and some additional information.


  9. artaxes Says:

    11 Iranian journalist arrested on late Sunday because of their foreign contacts.
    This may or may not be related but it illustrates perfectly why it is so difficult to get independent reports from Iran.


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