Reports: Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls

israel today | Israel News | Reports: Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls – israel today | Israel News.

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Monday, January 14, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff

Embattled Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has ordered his military chiefs to launch ballistic missiles at Israel if he is killed by rebel forces, according to sources in Damascus cited by Israeli media this week.

The online newspaper Inyan Merkazi reported that Assad met with his top generals recently to express concerns that he could be taken out by advanced American missiles recently provided to rebel forces, or by a violent mob similar to the one that violently murdered former Libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi.

Should either of those scenarios become reality, Assad reportedly told the generals to unleash Syria’s considerable missile arsenal on Israel and Egypt.

The reason for attacking Israel is obvious. Syria is officially in a state of war with Israel and hosts numerous terror groups dedicated to the Jewish state’s demise. Even with all the regional hostility toward him, Assad would secure a positive legacy by making his final act the destruction of Israeli cities.

Assad is angry at Egypt because of the new Muslim Brotherhood-controlled government’s support for Syrian rebel groups, many of which are fellow Islamists.

Last year, when the Syrian rebellion was first heating up, Assad warned that if his rule were truly threatened, he would ignite the powder keg that is the Middle East. That threat remains a very real concern.

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5 Comments on “Reports: Syria ordered to attack Israel if Assad falls”

  1. Luis Says:

    Right now, Assad and his family are on a russian ship, offshore Syria.
    We cannot see any possibility that a furious mob will do lynch on him there, neither can we see any russian permission for Assad to open an all out war against Israel – and Egypt ?!…sweet Jesus, who can actually believe this – so nothing will hapen but the usual daily skirmish. Did we already said that the tourists(jihadists, especially) are booming now in Syria ? Who said the Assad regime didnt accomplished anything ?

    • Justice for israel Says:

      He already has a special forces team from nato stalking him thats well in the public domain he is a dead man,if syria attacks israel,israel can absorb more syrian territory,and hopefully turn Damascus to glass

  2. Louisiana Steve Says:

    In order words, Assad is saying “If I die, Syria must commit suicide.” What a leader, what an inspiration, what an idiot.

    • Luis Says:

      Laconic and still very powerful words, Steve. Indeed, we can see now from what stuff Assad is made of and what a suicidal mentality does he have. And you are right also when you think him as an idiotic man. After all, he lost a country. His country.

  3. artaxes Says:

    Assad is a stupid idiot. Think about it. Actually he has given every jihadi in Syria an even bigger incentive to kill him.
    If I were a sunni jihadi aspiring for my 72 virgins I would want desperately to kill him, thus ridding the world of this Alawite apostate AND a lot of the hated Jews as an added bonus.
    But I seriously doubt that his military leaders are equally stupid and suicidal.

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