Report: Iran has 170 Missiles Aimed at Tel Aviv, Some Equipped With Biological Warheads

Report: Iran has 170 Missiles Aimed at Tel Aviv, Some Equipped With Biological Warheads | Jewish & Israel News

(Happy Hanukkah ! – JW )

WND reported that Iran has 170 ballistic missiles aimed at Israel, some equipped with biological warheads.

The source cited by the website, who served in Iran’s Intelligence Ministry and who recently defected, told WND that the missiles are placed in underground silos.

Iran has prepared for the total destruction of Israel as well as attacks on European capitals, the source said.

In August, a report in the Washington Times cited Mashregh, the media outlet of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, as saying that Israel will be obliterated by chemical, microbial and nuclear bombs,  and that those weapons of mass destruction will be used first on Tel Aviv by Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.

As WND noted, the CIA has long warned of Iran’s growing missile threat. In 2010, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Congress of Iran’s capability of launching a salvo of missiles at Israel, and possibly European capitals.

The source told WND  that Iran has made significant advances on several fronts including chemical, biological, nuclear and electronic warfare – and that the regime is looking at the deterioration in Syria and the possibility of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities as an excuse to set the “region on fire.”

In a speech last week, a close adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei, Alireza Panahian, said, “Based on the recent events and the expansion of the Islamic movement in the region … and based on logical calculation, the coming is upon us and in the coming years everything will be finished,” adding that the coming of the last Islamic Messiah, the Shiites’ 12th Imam, is soon to happen. Shiites believe Mahdi’s coming will be preceded by Armageddon.

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11 Comments on “Report: Iran has 170 Missiles Aimed at Tel Aviv, Some Equipped With Biological Warheads”

  1. Louisiana Steve Says:

    Launching a biological weapon into Tel Aviv, heaven forbid, would be an act of suicide for Iran. Such an event would trigger the complete and total destruction of Iran and her surrogates.

    • Justice for israel Says:

      my freind just told me that the uk has 400 nuclear weapons aimed at iran the french have a hundred and the americans have about 1000 aimed a them most of them are MIRV s,thats about 100 gigatons,and all it takes is just one missile,i hope iran does miscalculate,as we wont have to listen to them ever again,and whats more they wont get any help rebuilding there country from the Jurassic age,iran simply wont exist,also F**k the 12th Imamand his satanic followers

      • Louisiana Steve Says:

        The scary thing about this Justice, is that when it comes to biological weapons, Iran only needs to get lucky once. All the ‘overkill’ in the West could be rendered moot. And to make matters worse, these agents could spread and continue to kill for decades, long after Iran is transformed into a heaping pile of glass beads.

  2. josephwouk Says:

    If there’s any chance of something like that being attempt against Israel, know Steve that Israel can stop it before it happens.

    It’s a question of good intelligence, and I’ve seen enough to believe that Israel will know in enough time to act.

    • Justice for israel Says:

      yes but steve has a point its very frightening,i think a preemptive strike is in order on Lebanon and Iran i expect that this will be the straw that broke the camels back

    • JJ Says:

      Israel does have a great intelligence system. As I mentioned a few weeks ago at the onset of “Pillar of Defense,” I believed that action to have bee somewhat of a ploy or diversion in order for Israel and NATO forces to move and position their forces (while securing the southern border of Israel) for the inevitable action about to take place in the north. True to form, all assets are in place and all that seems to be necessary is for Assad to be “pushed” or a false flag to take place. Then…. hell may be unleashed!

    • Louisiana Steve Says:

      I live 12000 miles or so from the ‘front lines’ of this impending conflict and have far less confidence in my government than you who lives so close to the danger, JW. Kind of takes me back a few steps.

      • Justice for israel Says:

        Yep and your right our leader is an idiot too cameron the poodle

      • josephwouk Says:

        Steve, it’s really quite simple.

        1. I know that the Israeli government has the same interests as I do and will do its best to protect them.

        2. I also have a deep respect for the competence of the military and our unparalleled command of hi-tech.

  3. Luis Says:

    In front of an EMP strike of any sort, all the iranian toys and missiles will become inoperable. There is nothing to be worried about.

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