US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan primed to strike if Assad activates chemical weapons

US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan primed to strike if Assad activates chemical weapons.

DEBKAfile Special Report December 3, 2012, 11:26 PM (GMT+02:00)


Preparing Syrian chemical weapons for use

US forces in the region, Israel, Turkey and Jordan were all braced  Monday night, Dec. 3 for action against Syria in case Syrian President Bashar Assad ordered his army’s chemical warfare units to go into action against rebel and civilian targets his own country. None of the Middle East capitals are talking openly about this eventuality to avoiding causing panic.
However, oblique references to the peril and preparations for action came from US officials during Monday. White House spokesman Jay Carney said: “We have an increased concern about the possibility of the regime taking the desperate act of using its chemical weapons.”  Such a move “would cross a red line for the United States.”

Without going into specifics, Carney added: “We think it is important to prepare for all scenarios. Contingency planning is the responsible thing to do.”
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Prague was slightly more specific: Syrian action on chemical weapons remains a “red line” for the Obama administration, she said, and “would prompt action from the United States.”

Regarding contingencies, debkafile’s military sources report that the American force in Jordan and Jordanian units, who have been training for two months in tactics against Syrian chemical warfare units, are on a high state of preparedness. So, too, are the three special US command centers set up in Turkey, Jordan and Israel for coordinating such operations.

An American official “with knowledge of the situation” told Wired Magazine that “engineers working for the Assad regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas.”

Anchored opposite the Syrian shore is the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group with 2,500 Marines. Facing it is the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s naval task force which too has hundreds of marines on its decks.

debkafile’s sources quote high-ranking officers in the Israel Defense Forces’ Northern Command as saying: “The coming hours and days are extremely critical for Syria. The situation on our northern front could blow up any moment.” They did not elaborate.

Later Monday, as the United Nations regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria, Radhouane Nouicer announced the pullout of nonessential international staff “because of the security situation,” Secretary Clinton flew into Brussels from Prague to discuss with NATO foreign ministers the deployment of Patriot anti-missile batteries at 10 points on the Turkish-Syrian border – a massive number.
NATO sources took note of the Syrian Foreign Ministry’s reply to the spreading reports. He said that the government “would not use chemical weapons, if it had them, against its own people under any circumstances.” This statement carried no promise about using such weapons against external forces, whether American, Turkish, Jordanian or Israeli.

In Istanbul, meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters at the end of his one-day visit: “What we are concerned about is Syria’s future. We don’t want the same mistakes to be repeated in the near future.” He went on to say: “We shall remember how some regimes supported the militants in Libya and how the situation ended with the killing of the American ambassador in Libya.”
This was meant by the Russian president as a warning to the US not to get involved in the Syrian crisis as it did in Libya.

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25 Comments on “US, Israel, Turkey, Jordan primed to strike if Assad activates chemical weapons”

  1. Luis Says:

    The war in Syria may end long before the analysts think. If the rumours about the syrian WMD deployment are correct then an american massive intervention is inevitable. The enter of the USA forces will be swift, clean and decisive if a chemical warfare event is about to occur in the battled Syria.

  2. josephwouk Says:

    Glad to hear you have such confidence in the US under Obama. I wish I shared it.

    • JJ Says:

      Luis is correct… Intervention on Obama’s part would be a straegic coup for his political power on the world stage. It would be sold as Obama “looking out” for the rest of the middle east… and for Israel. This, however, would not be the case. Obama is NO friend of Israel and never will be!

  3. Luis Says:

    He will be more than glad to do this.

    1.An action against WMD deployment against the syrian people is very aesthetic and the ameican media will compose songs worshipping Obama.
    2.He wants to show that ”Mr.National Security” is alive and kicking.
    3.Its the right thing to do.

  4. Norm Says:

    In other words Assad can have his forces murder thousands more the “regular” or “legal” standard way and its ok. How pathetic

    • artaxes Says:

      Their calculation goes like this:
      With Assad less and less able to use air power, his only option to contain or crush the uprising is the use of chemical weapons.
      Denying him this option ensures his fall.

  5. BREAKING NEWS:Iran captures intruding US drone

  6. Breaking: Syrian rebels kill 29 students in attacks on schools near Damascus

  7. Louisiana Steve Says:

    Forgive me being so damn stupid, but someone please tell me…who is it we’re trying to help?

    • Luis Says:

      Your rhetoric question is very good, actually. USA and their allies are trying to help sunnies forces, muslim brotherhood fighters and some regiments of mujahedin, international terrorists, Al Qaeda fighters… The whole party. You can only imagine what will happen there after the fall of Assad.
      Against all of this forces-which are , in essence, sunni- the Assad camp is Allawite, which is an offspring of the shia islam. It is for this reason that Iran is so involved in Syria. From what we have learned over the net, even Iran told Assad that the use of poison gas against muslim brethren is not acceptable from the ayatollahs point of view and they will have a hard time to continue supporting Assad.

    • Justice for israel Says:

      I want to help by encouraging them to do as much damage to each other as possible,they are all enemy’s

  8. josephwouk Says:

    Guys, lighten up! The US has denied the loss of any drone.

    OK, so they lie. Iranians?

    I was thinking it might have been Israeli. But Israeli technology would not be bested by “donkeys with clothes.”

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