15 Seconds……………….

15 Seconds…. – YouTube.

Please do your part…

Help this video go viral !

That’s all the time Israelis in the south have to save themselves.  As you can see, it isn’t long.

The time has come to put an end to this horror!

– JW

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5 Comments on “15 Seconds……………….”

  1. Luis Says:


  2. Louisiana Steve Says:

    I cannot even image one rocket hitting the US without a devastating response. Retaliate now my friends with the same disregard for collateral damage until they totally surrender!

    • Luis Says:

      Dont be so sure, dear friend. The terrorists killed an American ambassador in Libya and is still no response from the USA armed forces under the supreme command of ”Leading From Behind”Obama. However, IDF must to do something if this little state wants to survive.

  3. Marcelo Grinberg Says:

    Thank you for sharing this precious piece of true journalism, bringing the reader to really into the fact, itself, how cruel is to be under rockets fired from the guys who want our destruction. Hasbarah is what we miss most ba golah.

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