Senior IDF Source: Expect ‘Cast Lead 2’

Senior IDF Source: Expect ‘Cast Lead 2’ – Defense/Security – News – Israel National News.

Source tells Maariv 55 rockets fired into Israel by Hamas, Islamic Jihad leave Israel no choice.
First Publish: 10/9/2012, 10:11 AM


IDF soldiers enter Gaza in Cast Lead

IDF soldiers enter Gaza in Cast Lead
Flash 90

After Hamas and Islamic Jihad co-signed a statement taking responsibility for the 55-rocket barrage fired into southern Israel over the Simchat Torah holiday, a senior IDF source said Israel has no choice but to launch a wide-scale military operation against Gaza.

The source told Maariv/NRG that the operation would include a large-scale ground incursion, not unlike the one undertaken in Operation Cast Lead in late 2008 and early 2009.

The joint statement by Islamic Jihad and Hamas regarding the rocket barrage is a rare occurrence, since the two terror organizations are considered to be hostile to each other, ever since Hamas took over Gaza in 2007.

A spokesman for Hamas’s “Kassam Brigades” said that the statement is “a sign of top level coordination between the factions in the face of the Israeli occupation.”

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2 Comments on “Senior IDF Source: Expect ‘Cast Lead 2’”

  1. Kaufmann Says:

    Like Horaces vs/Curiaces probably better trying take adversaries one after another starting by the weakest , if you have to deal with all three… and so reversing the blame on Iran for getting into the hostilities ?

    • Zachary Smith Says:

      I had to look up your reference – it was a new one to me. 🙂

      And naturally I looked into “Cast Lead 1”.

      “The conflict resulted in between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli deaths (4 from friendly fire)”

      IDF firepower kills a minimum of 1100 Palestinians, and the Palestinians kill 9 Israelis.

      Odd thought: I wonder how the new Egyptian President will behave if this “kill ratio” happens again.

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