Ayalon: US, Israel working together to set Iran red lines

Ayalon: US, Israel working toget… JPost – Iranian Threat – News.

09/27/2012 10:27
Deputy foreign minister says Washington and Israel are coordinating over Tehran’s nuclear program, even if not in public; praises Obama’s UN speech saying Iran must not be allowed to obtain weapons as very important.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon

Photo: Courtesy

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said on Thursday that Israel and the US are engaged in a dialogue over setting a red line for Iran’s nuclear program, even if it is not set publicly.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Ayalon added that the gaps between Israel and the US over the Iranian nuclear threat are constantly narrowing.

“The dialogue between Israel and the United States about the Iranian issue is going great right now,” Ayalon said.

Ayalon added that even though US President Barack Obama did not lay down specific red lines in his Wednesday speech to the UN General Assembly, the fact that he warned against allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons is very important.

The deputy foreign minister also commented about the effectiveness of the economics sanctions on Iran.

“There are credible reports that the Iranian economy is on the verge of collapsing, but nothing has been achieved yet,” Ayalon said.

“It is in everyone’s best interests that [stopping Iran’s nuclear program] is achieved using economic, diplomatic and political actions. If these actions don’t work, then all other options are on the table,” Ayalon added.

Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Ronnie Bar-On also stressed the importance of covert talks with the United States aimed at setting red lines that could form a pretext for war with Iran, Israel Radio reported.

Netanyahu is expected to lay out his red lines on Iran’s nuclear program at his speech at the UN Thursday evening.

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