US, Israel prepared to attack Iran soon

US, Israel prepared to attack Iran soon | Palladium-Item |

I believe that by the end of September 2012 the United States and Israel will launch a devastating attack against Iran.

The first attack will be by different types of aircraft, Navy and Air Force, cruise missiles, etc. These air attacks will be to “take out” different kinds of anti-aircraft defenses in various places in Iran. These unceasing attacks will last for about two days.

During these attacks we will land a few thousand Israeli and American Special Forces such as Navy Seals, Army Airborne troops, Special Operations Forces of the Army, Air Forces, etc. All these will be required to destroy the nuclear facilities which have been the mission of the entire operation. Bombing alone cannot achieve this mission.

The operation will last a total of about four days and will probably “cause” a major war in the Mideast. The difficult withdrawal of the forces on the ground will result in many casualties, however the results will prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons for 50 years or more.

We should all pray for the brave soldiers, sailors and airmen involved in the attack.

Roy W. Brown


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10 Comments on “US, Israel prepared to attack Iran soon”

  1. Luis Says:

    If America is to take out Iran, there is no need for Israel to go in.
    May be Israel will have to deal with Hizbollah, while the armed forces of Iran will be decimated. And the air campaign wont last only two days; when the american jets and bombers will finish the job there, the iranian atlas will have to be updated.
    Anyway, all these in the hypothesis that USA will do the job in Iran, but we don’t think there is any plan like that in Obama’s mind.
    The americans will enter after their forces will be attacked in the Gulf; by then, the israeli operation will be in full throttle .

  2. Muslim sympathizer Obama has no real desire to attack Iran, nor to help Israel. Winning the November election is his primary concern.
    He will pretent to have plans to help Israel and attack Iran in order to win the Jewish vote and take in Jewish campaign contributions. Luis is right. Under Obama, America will only attack Iran if attacked first.

    • Ron Says:

      MACV Vietnam. Most likely Israel will attach in September or October because this is the last window of opportunity (weather). the U.S. will be forced to assist on the ground and air. George, this is the senerio. Obama will be relected with 332 Electoral Votes in November (or more).

  3. Louisiana Steve Says:

    Maybe so, but who is Roy Brown?? To me, one the biggest problem with the internet is verifying and qualifying sources of information.

  4. Luis Says:

    Lets face the truth : no American President will go first for an open war . Remember Roosevelt ? He waited for Pearl Harbour to start the campaign against Japan armed forces. Not everybody is Bush , but he got the 9/11 so, again, he didn’t start Afghanistan out of the blue.
    The real problem with Obama is not that he wont initiate a conflict with Iran; we already got that. The real problem with Obama is that Obama does not like Israel. He is The Great Deceiver we all know from a very specific Book. And his reelection ? For the sake of the american people, lets hope he won’t win.

  5. Louisiana Steve Says:

    Barak ‘Barry Sotero’ Hussein Obama once said, “Do not judge me by what I say, judge me by what I have done.” This is the only damn truth spoken by this standing President.

  6. Thunderbunny Says:

    Mister Brown is smoking the crack if you ask me.

  7. Aaron Brett Says:

    Military hostilities with Iran should start on September the 19th

  8. Mr.X Says:

    “GOD IS ALWAYS FOR HIS PROMISED LAND” It is true that the iranians right now have a little capablity to retaliate on israel after the attack but if israelis devastate them thoughly they can’t, and about obama shame on him. I personaly believe that wheather in october or the beggining of november the jewish attack will happen. “I PRAY FOR THE JESUS’S HOLYLAND ISRAEL” GOD BLESS ISRAEL and ETHIOPIA!!!

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