British Intelligence Joins the Pro-Israel Lobby – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic

British Intelligence Joins the Pro-Israel Lobby – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic.

Sir John Sawers, the chief of the British intelligence agency MI6, says that Iran will be a nuclear weapons state by 2014, and that an Iran with nuclear weapons would present “huge dangers” to Israel and to the United States. “The Iranians are determinedly going down a path to master all aspects of nuclear weapons; all the technologies they need,” he said. “It’s equally clear that Israel and the United States would face huge dangers if Iran were to become a nuclear weapon state.” He also said that his agency was working to “delay that awful moment when the politicians may have to take a decision between accepting a nuclear-armed Iran or launching a military strike against Iran,” and he added: “I think it will be very tough for any prime minister of Israel or president of the United States to accept a nuclear-armed Iran.”

These statements suggest one of two things:

1) British intelligence is taking orders from AIPAC and the Likud Party;

2) The chief of British intelligence might be right on the merits; Iran is pursuing nuclear-weapons status, and that this is something that should worry Israel and the entire West.

I’m reasonably sure there are people reading this who believe the answer to be 1).

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6 Comments on “British Intelligence Joins the Pro-Israel Lobby – Jeffrey Goldberg – The Atlantic”

  1. boudicabpi Says:

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    I’m not so sure it would be tough for Obama to accept a nuclear armed Iran.

  2. justice for israel Says:

    What kind of idiot thinks we take orders off anyone,the uk is a major power second only to the usa,this has come about through a huge amount of hard work and lobbying the uk was always at the forefront of countering iran dont delude yourselves

  3. Unfortunately this is how progressives like Jeffrey Goldberg are “programed” to think. God forbid that he should find it in his heart to really believe that point #2 is valid.

  4. Joy Says:

    Jeffrey Goldberg serves the delusional left of America which like him are to a large percent Jews. They are the ones that are going to wake up one day with a lot more than mud in their face.

  5. M Says:

    Goldberg does believe in the second point and not the first, it’s implied by his final sentence, “I’m reasonably sure there are people reading this who believe the answer to be 1.” You all shouldn’t be so quick to condemn someone’s words without first taking the proper time to understand those words.

  6. davidrwells Says:

    Goldberg’s words need to be considered in light of the context. Condemning someone is easy but making sense of something takes effort and time. I hope Mr. Joy keeps this in his mind next time he comments.

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