West abandoning Israel in face of Iran threat?

West abandoning Israel in face of Iran threat?.


Western powers have for years made grand pronouncements regarding their commitment to Israel’s security in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat. But now that Iran is drawing so close to being able to field a nuclear weapon, America and Europe appear to be backing off and leaving Israel to the wolves.

The most damning evidence that the West would not, contrary to the promises of US President Barack Obama and others, do everything necessary to protect Israel came when NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen suggested this week that an early-warning radar system in Turkey would not provide Israel with advanced warning of an Iranian missile launch.

Speaking to reporters in Turkey, Rasmussen insisted that “data is shared within our allies, among our allies. It’s a defense system to protect the populations of NATO allies.”

After being further baited by Turkish reporters, Rasmussen again stressed that “it is a NATO system and the data within the system will not be shared with third countries.”

While Rasmussen was reluctant to single out Israel as one of those “third countries,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuto knew exactly what his nation’s press wanted to hear: “Especially if it’s about Israel, our view is clear.”

Earlier this month, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, said that intelligence suggests Iran already has enough nuclear material to build four atomic bombs. Kochavi told the annual Herzliya Conference that if Iran decided today to build a nuclear bomb, it could do so in less than one year.

With the situation clearly reaching a critical junction, talk of the possible need to launch a preemptive strike has reached fever pitch in Israel. The consternation of Israelis has been further exacerbated by recent calls from within Iran’s religious leadership to attack and destroy Israel no later than 2014.

In a document published by Iran’s Alef news agency, the chief strategist of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Alireza Forghani, argued that “in the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014. All our troubles are due to Israel!”

Alireza insisted that even in the absence of a preemptive Israeli strike, Iran was still perfectly justified in striking the Jewish state over its “occupation” of “Palestinian lands.”

And it is precisely at this moment that the US, Britain and other European powers are showing themselves most apathetic and incapable of facing down the Iranian threat.

Almost completely ignoring the history of the Iranian nuclear crisis up until now, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton last week expressed hope that negotiations with Iran would reopen after Ashton received a moderately-worded letter from Tehran.

Such letters and talk of negotiations has been used repeatedly by Iran to stall Western efforts to curb its nuclear program.

Days after Clinton and Ashton were taken in by the Iranian letter, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, cautioned Israel to back off any preparations for a preemptive strike on Iran. Dempsey’s interview with CNN effectively signalled Israel that if it strikes Iran at this time, it will do so without American support and backing.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague issued a similar warning on Sunday, and demonstrated the same type of selective memory that plagues Clinton and Ashton when he insisted that negotiations must be given “a real chance” before military options are seriously considered.

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6 Comments on “West abandoning Israel in face of Iran threat?”

  1. Gail Says:

    Israel has to decide for itself whether it is to survive. In an election year after two long wars the Obama Administration will not be a supportive partner. Polls in the US show support for Israel is losing ground and may indicate a shift by Obama come next November similiar to his peaceful get out of Iran platform in 2008. Growing anti Israeli sentiment in Jordan means there will be no permission for an Israeli flyover to assault Iran. Iran has new stronger ties to India, Pakistan, China and Russia and knows there will never be UN Security coucil involvement. With all the sabre rattling and war rhetoric going on I still see the most truth in the Iranian Headline-
    Wife of Assassinated Scientist: Annihilation of Israel “Mostafa’s Ultimate Goal” –
    Israel is surrounded by nations that seem to grow more hostile every day
    So far sanctions and inaction have proved to be ineffective against Iran. If Israel is to survive it will be by Israeli choices and Israeli hands.

  2. incaunipocrit Says:

    Reblogged this on ATA MOTEK.

  3. boudicabpi Says:

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    It’s our so called leaders. I don’t believe it is the citizenry.
    Bob A.

  4. lion of zion Says:

    id you really expect the west to support Israel ? We know the west is coward, loves money above all and has always been basically anti – jewish until this very day ! Israel can trust in her God only who will save her !

  5. Norm Says:

    And did anyone actually expect western civilization to stand up and defend Jews?

  6. Gail Says:

    Not all western contries are the same. The problem in the US now is that Obama has no concept of a Jewish homeland. Like most western politicians he seeks to place American values on another people. Israel was never to be a multi cuntural collection like Canada. Israel was created by Jews for Jews and has existed and grown at the expense of Jewish blood. Obama’s strength in the 2008 election was his anti Iraq war platform where he differed from GOP candidates by promising to extract the US from Iraq in an expediant manner. With indications that polls are shifting in the US against continued support for Israel against Iran there is real concern that Obama will offer war weary American voters the same type of choice in November and differentiated himself from GOP platforms by offering to keep the US from further conflicts in the Middle East. To do this and keep his traditional Jewish support will be no mean feat but the spin doctors are already doing the polls and are getting ready for a tough job. If Israel is to survive it must make its own choices and take the lead. This will force the west to follow with choices it has to live with. For now Israel has two great foes. Inaction from within and Obama politics from without.

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