IAF bombs Gaza targets in response to rocket, mortar attacks

IAF bombs Gaza targets in response to rocket, mortar attacks – Israel News, Ynetnews.

Israeli warplanes strike a number of targets throughout Strip, including smuggling tunnel. Palestinians say bombing injured two, caused power outage

Hanan Greenberg

Israeli warplanes bombed a number of targets in Gaza overnight Saturday in response to the launching of a Qassam rocket towards the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council area on Friday.

Palestinians said two people were injured in the attack, which they claim also caused a power outage in a number of areas throughout the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave. The IDF said among the bombed targets was a smuggling tunnel, while Palestinian eyewitnesses said the Air Force also attacked a vehicle apparently carrying two Hamas operatives, who were injured. The Israelis army stressed that the strike came in response to Sunday’s launching of a mortar shell and a Qassam towards Israeli territory. The mortar and rocket attacks did not cause any injury or damage. A few hours after the mortar attack and a short while before the rocket launching, Hamas strongman Mahmoud al-Zahar said the Islamist group would be committed to a ceasefire if Israel abided by it.”We are committed to self-restraint as long as there is no oppression and no aggression,” said Zahar.

Nearly 30 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza towards Israel over the past week. On Tuesday a teenage girl sustained mild injuries when a Qassam rocket landed near her home in a kibbutz located within the limits of the Ashkelon Beach Regional Council.

The army responded by striking several targets in south Gaza. The Palestinians said four people were injured during the bombing of a Hamas training facility in Rafah.

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