95% of Violent Conflicts Around The World are Muslim.

Of The 22 World Conflicts Around The World, 21 are Muslim..

This may sound like propaganda because it sounds so far fetched.  It isn’t.  Check your own world almanac….

Radical Islam has spread a scourge of violence around the globe that otherwise simply wouldn’t exist.  It is time for the West to put an end to this horror.  The first step is to destroy Iran as the world leader of Islamic violence.

As long as Iran threatens the world with nuclear Islamic fundamentalism there is simply no way to quash the continuing outbreak of Islamic violence worldwide.  The Western democracies should crush the atavistic and xenophobic leader of this retreat from civilization.

If Iran is convincingly neutralized, it’s possible that the rest of the radical Islamic movements will realize that the way to accomplish their aspirations is through peaceful coexistence.  Otherwise the monomaniacal dream of global Islamic domination will continue to destabilize the world until an apocalyptic result ensues.

The latest catastrophic, meaningless Islamic bloodletting is occurring in Kyrgyzstan.  The Russians want no part of it and won’t intervene.

Who can blame them?  I’m reminded of the old Texas aphorism, “You can’t mess with shit without gettin’ it on you.”  The Russians have learned that the hard way from both Afghanistan and Bosnia.

How long will we continue to allow these murderous bullies to set back the momentumof world progress.


Joseph Wouk

June 12, 2010


Current conflicts and wars: Source: http:/www.religioustolerance.org/curr_war.htm Some of the world’s current “hot spots” which have as their base a significant component of religious intolerance are listed below:

Country and Main religious groups involved

1. Afghanistan Extreme radical Fundamentalist Muslim terrorist groups & non-Muslim Osama bin Laden heads a terrorist group called Al Quada (The Source) whose headquarters were in Afghanistan.

2. Bosnia Serbian Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholic, Muslims

3. Cote d’Ivoire Muslims, Indigenous, Christians

4. Cyprus Christians & Muslims

5. East Timor Christians & Muslims

6. Indonesia, province of Ambon Christians & Muslims

7. Kashmir Hindus and Muslims

8. Kosovo Serbian Orthodox Christians, Muslims

9. Kurdistan Christians, Muslims Assaults on Christians (Protestant, Chaldean Catholic & Assyrian Orthodox). Bombing campaign underway.

10. Macedonia Macedonian Orthodox Christians & Muslims

11. Middle East Jews, Muslims, &Christians

12. Nigeria Christians, Animists, & Muslims

13. Pakistan Suni & Shi’ite Muslims

14. Philippines Christians & Muslims

15. Russia, Chechnya Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims. The Russian army attacked the breakaway region. Muslims had allegedly blown up buildings in Moscow. Many atrocities have been alleged.

16. Serbia, province of Vojvodina Serbian Orthodox & Roman Catholics

17. Sri Lanka Buddhists & Hindus Tamils

Additional conflicts

19. Thailand: Pattani province: Buddists and Muslims 20. Bangladesh: Muslim-Hindu (Bengalis) and Buddists (Chakmas) 21. Tajikistan: intra-Islamic conflict

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77 Comments on “95% of Violent Conflicts Around The World are Muslim.”

  1. Thunderbunny Says:

    Unfortunately the typical leftist would say “Well Joseph, I see an awful lot of ‘& Christians’ in your list of conflicts. They’re probably to blame for your 90% of 95% of your listed conflicts anyway. Christianity is just as intolerant or more so as any poor third-world islam follower. Just look at Pat Robertson!”

    Blaming the victim has become especially in vogue in the west- typically when the victim does not fit into their predetermined “victimhood template” of being a minority- religious or otherwise.

    Israel is to blame…not the islamists in Iran or Turkey. Women are to blame (in the middle east) for dressing provocatively. Christian Copts are to blame in Darfur because they are disturbing the majority islamic populace with their very existence.

    Such is the upside-down bass-akwards world of the left.

    Little do they know, or *want* to open their eyes to the real threat of islam to the civilized world. When the islamists are done with the Jews, Christians, Hindu and Animists…they will come for the “enlightened” secular left.

    • Pat Robertson is a joke. Muslim terrorism is a world wide conspiracy to make the world a Caliphate. There is no way they can coexist peacefully even among themselves. If someone isn’t brave enough to confront this issue head on, I fear a global war that will either eliminate or decimate Islam. It is a cancer upon the world.

      • peter1589 Says:

        The reason they cannot coexist between themselves is found in Genesis 16

        16:11. And again: Behold, said he, thou art with child, and thou shalt bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name Ismael, because the Lord hath heard thy affliction.

        16:12. He shall be a wild man: his hand will be against all men, and all men’s hands against him: and he shall pitch his tents over against all his brethren.

    • Ray Lanfear Says:

      Sorry after reading “TheProjectMuslimBrotherhood” a secret doctrine to destroy the West from within, they will lie and never integrate with anyone, they want to dominate and install Sharia law and make Islam the dominate religion.. Forget about political correctness or sensitivity or cultural understanding, stand up and be counted join ACT now.

      • jihad islam Says:

        why are you keep blaming muslim? are they harm you? let them be… they are not a wild man they just want peace why dont you understand? if you’ved been murder are you just wait till you’ved killed?

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          I do not like islamic peace !

          I,am not even allowed to pay the jiziya tax in the islamic peace ( dar al islaam ), i have to be killed straight away !

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          stay on your freaking side of the fence and get your ass out of our society,s , just primitive barbaric leaches, sucking a society dry .

          • Adrianna Hanson Says:

            So stuck on viewing your kind as the “victims”. Islam wants nothing to do with you! But you keep inserting yourselves in their business. “islam wants to control us all!” Really?? If Islam wanted to control the west, don’t you think they would’ve done it by now? They’re the fastest growing religion with about 1.6 billion followers. That’s about 23% of the world’s population. CHEW ON THAT.!

        • Rachel Says:

          Ijhad islam you are right 👍🏼If other people would stay out of the country’s take care of their land and people things would be a lot better For the World ❤️🙏🏼❤️

    • hermes trismegistus Says:

      absolutely. that they most assuredly will

      i am a former liberal living in the fast shrinking enclove of middle-england that is birmingham, uk. i have seen this happening over the last twenty years at hyper speed and now speak officially as a minority in my ancestral homeland that has been home to and built up from a people to the comfortable, polite western european bastion of culture, good music and quirkiness

      that is FAST changing. i walk around the schools of birmingham on my way round and they are 95-100% non white. let that sink in. the future residents in birmingham fifteen, twenty years hence are 95-100% NOT of your ethnicity or culture. however little you hope this matters i can assure you their culture, ethics, etc are significantly different to ours and you would not want to live in it, it is arch-conservative. like makes boris johnson look like a libreral-conservative.

      whether you wish it or not – your children WILL grow up in this culture. that it a mathematical certainty based on birth and net immigration rates going on into the future. common law and the english bill of rights will disappear into an islamic republic within seventy to a hundred years at most. if you deny this you deny history – every time muslims have become a majority within a country they have taken over with violence. EVERY. TIME. IN. HISTORY.

      on top of this, for many years now – if you add up the various variations of the spelling of the name. MOHAMMED/MOHAMET/MUHAMMAD/ETC has been the most popular boys name for new births in england for many, many years now. check it out for yourself

      im here on the ground. believe me or otherwise, i care not

  2. you are right,in Ethiopia a Christian country,islam started as moderate and small the Ethiopians welcomed them and let them live peaceful,but[here’s the clincher] after they got bigger,they began burning churches and killing Christians and Animistics ect… now i ask you how much hate does this mohammad dude have that his followers are still tainted after all these years.just read the quran,the life of muhammad,ect… it’s all in there.the world thunderbunny is awakening,not just Christians,but Buddhists,Hindus,Pagans,Shamans,Indigenous Native Peoples,Sikhs,Yogis,Druids,Daoism,ect…..the worlds real religions of helpful knowledges,and with it the the ancient warriors of protection, if we are to be moving into a New Age of Spiritual Growth, then islam,muhammad the FALSE PROPHET & the quran stands in the way blocking the light. unite oh great world:FOR EVIL TO CONQUER IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING, SITTING BULL SAYS NO TO islam, BLACK ELK SAYS NO TO islam,every ancient voice says stop islam before it is too late, GOOD ALWAYS CONQUERS EVIL,we should just help it along like lightening & thunder,got it!

    • Daniel Says:

      Well said!!

    • David Says:

      The Same fate is shared Myanmar too. Rakhine riots is spread because of no longer tolerence of local natives over brutal muslim immigrants from Bangladesh

      • jihad islam Says:

        muslim doesnt kill a person without a reason.. just take a look at a news who does attact muslim while they pray? are the muslim ever attact like they did? muslim are defenetly not evil they just want be free.. just want a peace for once in llife took after their family like all of you did… they suffer..and all of you have a clap while they cry for thier short life.. that for sure.

        • joopklepzeiker Says:

          I do not like the Islamic reason .

        • Rachel Says:

          jihad Christianity is getting smaller every day, the young are leaving the churches ,the old are dying off, Truth is what people are looking for ,and religions that walk their talk ! Sadly Christianity or most in these churche people do not walk the talk ! The teachings of Jesus is lost 😥😢😥

        • Neil Goldrich Says:

          In response to both Adrianna and the illiterate ‘Jihad Islam’ I would but provide for your edification, these verifiable statistics:

          2018 AD:
          1,976 Islamic attacks across 54 countries,
          in which 11,769 people were KILLED, and 11,483 injured.
          2017 AD:
          2,045 Islamic attacks across 61 countries,
          in which 16387 people were KILLED, and 14362 injured.
          2016 AD:
          2,498 Islamic attacks across 59 countries,
          in which 21,413 people were KILLED, and 26,730 injured.
          2015 AD:
          2890 Islamic attacks across 53 countries,
          in which 27,641 people were KILLED, and 26169 injured.
          2014 AD:
          3,007 Islamic attacks across 55 countries,
          in which 32,844 people were KILLED, and 27,530 injured.
          2013 AD:
          2,833 Islamic attacks across 48 countries,
          in which 16,797 people were KILLED, and 29,596 injured

          These stat’s come from ‘The Religion of Peace’ website which has carefully documented the global, Islamic barbarity and atrocities, ever since the 9/11 NYC chaos

          Spread the realities, friends. And know your enemies!.

    • Adrianna Hanson Says:

      And as if your religion is any better!

      • hermes trismegistus Says:

        adrianna are you absolutely illiterate in your own peoples history? just brown history is what you like, huh?


        have no doubt, you and your ilk have helped to destroy your own people and we will make sure your words are recorded and you answer for your crimes like all traitors have throughout history. catch you down the road

  3. Vidyut Says:

    Good compilation, there are more.

    Tibet. China (a religion unto itself) and Buddhists
    North East India – 6-7 separatist struggles. Animist/Christian/Hindu and state.
    Assam (also northeast India) – Bodos and Muslims
    Telangana (India) – HIndus/dalits and state
    Maoists (India) – atheists/Christians and state/Hindus

  4. Roy Says:

    I do not understand, but everywhere they are killing people, and the common link is islam

  5. Hal Jordan Says:

    Better recheck those numbers. 16 and 17 don’t have Muslims and there is no 18. But still, the vast majority of armed conflicts involve Muslims. Islam is the main source of evil in the world today. Let’s not leave it for our children.

    • #16; Serbia does indeed have Muslim living in it. Remnants of the Ottoman Empire had lived in the region. Most were ‘relocated’ when Yugoslavia split into three countries; but some remained, and some of the others still do want to return… Back to the lands their ancestors had conquered.

  6. defencetoday.com Says:

    The bombing of Serbia was a crime by NATO. Christian Serbia was fighting a horrible bunch of muslim extremists that NATO decided to support, exactly the same as Syria, Libya etc.

    And no there is not going to be an al out war on Russia lol

  7. Luis Says:

    The most advanced a religious is, the more civilized that society and the moral principles are high. The Islam is the third religion in the order of apparition. Its ”light” was undiscovered to Mohammad around 610 AD, when God ”spoke” to him. In that period of time, the Jews were already ”set up” for almost two thousand years and the Christians knew Jesus for already six hundred years. Letting the Jews aside for ”technical” reasons, the difference between the Christian society and the Islam society is 600 years. So, no wonder that we are still seeing atrocities in the 21st century happening between different sects in Islam, atrocities that every Muslim fighter from 1400 should have been proud of them. That is their level. That’s what they understand. Terror, crimes, innocent people being slaughtered in mass and now they are seeking for the Bomb.
    15th century ayatollahs want 21st century weapons. We cannot agree, can we?

    • Ian Holding Says:

      God NEVER spoke to Mo,it was devils and demons that he encountered, remember satan is the master of deception.

  8. Horace Lim Says:

    The problem with focussing on Iran, is we miss the source of Muslim violence. According to the National Counter Terrorism Center (nctc.gov) 75% of all attacks and 80+% of deaths are perpetrated by Sunni Islamists. The vast majority of these attacks are Sunnis attacking Shiites. Iran is a Shiite country who are the 10-15% of Shiites. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE pay billions a year to fund 45,000 madrassas in Pakistan alone, training 1.8 million at any one time — if you’re wondering where the Jihadists come from all you need do is look here. Iran is a small problem by comparison

    • Muhammad Auqil Bhatty Says:

      Thank you Horace for pointing out something the West ignores, I do not know why. The 9/11 perpetrators were all Arabs, mostly from Saudi Arabia. So was Osama. Why is it ignored that non of them was Irani or Pakistani? Yet nobody is prepared to condemn the House of Saud and other prominent Arabs who provide monetary support to all madrassas.

      • Hugo Says:

        “Yet nobody is prepared to condemn the House of Saud and other prominent Arabs who provide monetary support to all madrassas.”

        Incorrect. We all are.

  9. James Renneker Says:

    95% is just educating by the media. The media says keep it up. They have the money and they are today’s business. It is pretty chilling to watch head cut off. You laughing to bank yet?

  10. Will Gerrard Says:

    I’ve just spent 8 months in Kurdistan, and was unaware of any attacks on Christians there – no bombs whatsoever to speak of. Maybe years ago, but not now – everyone’s coexisting in Kurdistan well.

  11. carolynroome Says:

    Let me tell you they are ruthless! Everyone should read the Book call Terror in Beslan. If you want to find out what kind of people they are this book will really open your eyes. John Giduck is the author and is extremely articulate when it comes to really putting it down in words the horrendous atrocities they perform and do to people that are not like them. They are trained from a very early age to kill and die. They have no regards to life at all! I totally recommend this book!

  12. JoeKidd Says:

    See post and comments here:
    https://www.facebook.com/joekiddone/posts/4388418483264 #religionofpeace #Resist44 #PJNET #tcot

  13. sanityman Says:

    Is that all it is? I thought it was every conflict in the world. I’m really surprised that it isn’t a higher percentage.

  14. jarhead Says:

    Iran is a small fish in a big pond but if they ever get “the bomb” no matter how small the fish the megatons will level the field

  15. Truthiocity Says:

    “The first step is to destroy Iran as the world leader of Islamic violence.”

    This should NOT be read as a defence of Iran but my impression from a decade of casual reading on the subject is that the terrorism that Iran engages in is usually just to further the interests of the state and have not read that they are involved in jihadism for jihadism’s sake like the Sunni and Muslim Brotherhood are.

    Even Hizbollah is a state rather than religious terrorist organization. It’s purpose, which should be plain to everyone by now, was to extend Iran’s hegemony to Lebanon and not really to fight against Israel.

    Rather, it is the Muslim Brotherhood that is the “world leader” of terrorism. Every well known member of Al Quada is also a known member of The Muslim Brotherhood. MB front organizations and members have been found to be involved in fund raising for Al Quada and other terrorist organizations. Too many for it to be a matter of individual judment.

    Bin Ladin, Mohamed Atta, Zawahiri, Awlaki. Each one a card carrying MB member.

    If Hassan Al Bana had not started the Muslim Brotherhood and if Sayed Qutb hadn’t later joined, the WTC would still be standing.

    The Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada have the exact same ultimate goal. People say they believe in different approaces but one could just as easily conclude that they are working in conjunction and always have been, carrying out different and non competing functions. There have been tensions and at least one murder but that’s how dissagreements are settled in terrorist organizations.

    The way to deliver a strong blow to islamic insipired terrorism is for countries to take the approach that Egypt has done this week and rightfully designate the Muslim Brotherhood and all it’s ancillary ogranizations as terrorist.

  16. Joe Says:

    The problem lies in Iran being “convincingly neutralized.” That’s been our problem for a long time. We haven’t the will to do that. We have for decades fought to contain, to block, to interfere, not to win “convincingly” – not since WWII where we demanded unconditional surrender of the enemy. We fought to a draw in Korea and left it unresolved (or we wouldn’t have Kim to deal with); we fought a defensive war in Viet Nam, not to win; we fought Saddam in 1991 only to push him back into Iraq and left him in power and had to go back. We play by too many rules and our enemies have no rule book. On the run from our troops, the enemy skips out across a border and we won’t follow. We’re more worried about world opinion than winning “convincingly.” We just don’t have the grit we used to have and our enemies know it. Terrorists should be afraid of us – too afraid to seek our wrath – but we don’t retaliate in a way that makes picking on us too expensive for them to try.

  17. […] En el 95% de los conflictos y guerras actuales están metidos los musulmanes […]

  18. Bhujah Says:

    I agree with some of your suggestion people but we have to see both sides of all these religion. On the other hand the Christians dont tolerate with any religion ,so I regard that as something bad at all. Come to the west side of the scenario the Islamic religion is the most trouble causer because how can you say if somebody reject Islam ,that person should put to death.

    That automatically means every person who contact with these people wiil definately end up in trouble , why because there is no way people can talk with mention something about religion.

  19. Momin Noor e Islam Says:

    Who started the 1st world war? Was it Muslims
    Who started the 2nd world ware? Was it Muslims
    Who killed about 20 million of Aborigines in Australia? Was it Muslims
    Who sent the nuclear bombs to Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Was it Muslims
    Who killed more than 100 million Indians in North America? Was it Muslims
    Who killed more than 50 million Indians in South America? Was it Muslims
    Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves, of whom 88% died and were thrown in the Atlantic Ocean? Was it Muslims
    No, they weren’t Muslims!
    First, u have to define terrorism properly. If a non-Muslim does something bad, it is a crime. But
    if a Muslim commits the same act, he is a terrorist.
    First remove this double standard, then come to the point!

    • Screw the double standard, let talk about now, would you like to see alcohol banned in the future, because of islam taking over? and so on….

      I say no, and screw off

    • Shame….
      The West did all these as Colonialist chasing for resource and because quest for power. No one told the World they did it for God sake or in the name of any religion on the whole universe. All the Great Wars and atrocities you listed out happened because of polity- call it racism, colonialism… Mr. Islam do read what is written in Koran 2:191, Kn 8:12, Kn 8:60, Kn 8:65, Kn 9:5, Kn 9:30, Kn 3:85, Kn 9:123, Kn 47:4. I see terror and killing men justified in these verses; especially those you call infidel (maybe Christians, Jews or other Religious Minorities). I see quest for power in this. Don’t you think them to be ‘all polity than religious verses’. So immoral, even animist and Heathens/ Pagans condemn killing of men. But beheading is justified in your book and that is what TERRORISTS are doing even to your own people- The Islam in the name of religion. Remember what TERRORISTS did to school children in Pakistan, to a Jordanian Pilot, and other Muslims in all the four corners of the glob. It is TERRORISTS that bombed the Brown Mosque in Pakistan with Muslims praying in it. There are also other cruelties to tell of these-so-called Terrorists. All calling themselves to be ADVOCATES of Islam and killing men for Allah sake. Sorry for the mistake if this verses are on a Koran belonging to UFOs or Aliens on another universe. Proudly I am Black African whose nation was victim of Colonialism or Racism but I don’t want to Condemn Westerners did this to us due to Religious motive. Good to tell the Truth they did it for polity. The main driver behind is the race for resource and quest for power.

      • nonyabeezwax Says:

        *if* what you say is true then WESTERN COUNTRIES SHOULD NOT INVITE PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM TO LIVE AMONGST THEM!! The blame game aside, Muzzos cannot live alongside anyone. India has been plagued by them for 400 years and warn Europe to GET RID!!!

    • Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves, of whom 88% died and were thrown in the Atlantic Ocean? Was it Muslims?

      The answer here is a resounding, “YES!” Check you world history. Not my version either. Yours.

      Who is it that is currently killing and enslaving African peoples? Hmm… Muslims!
      Who is it attacking cities and killing any one that would fight against them?
      Not going to list all the atrocities done in the name of Islam.
      Is this a crime or terrorism?

      Who is it that is destroying the historical sites from the oldest civilization in the world? And, has been doing so for two decades. Despite the fact that those precious historical and cultural artifacts belong to the people of that country.
      The saddest part?
      It belongs to their own culture. Their own History.

      Why are these Muslims doing such a despicable thing?
      Do you agree that they are committing a crime?

  20. Beverly Taff Says:

    The biggest cause of Islamic conflict in the world is Saudi Arabia. They use oil wealth to spread their vicious and backward Wahabist interpretation of the Koran and they have countless millions to spend on spreading the poison. Saudi Arabia not Iran is the biggest danger to world peace. They spread a false, violent and misogynistic version of Islam that is totally at odds with the word.

  21. photoreading Says:

    A 8-year old-level Propaganda. Base on this page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ongoing_armed_conflicts, I am very far from your number.
    The country that is the most involved in wars is USA. Obviously to bring Oil.. sorry Peace !
    Would I say like you that it is a christian country ? No.
    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States#21st_century_wars

  22. miryam Says:

    Todas estas noticias son tremendas y atroces

  23. Money still makes the world go ’round, cut off the ‘money streams’ and the weapons and indoctrination will disappear. Sharing will save the world.

  24. Jason Taylor Says:

    the western world is so political correct islam can use this AND DOES.its a clash of civilisaions. rock worshiping muslims and the rest of the world…they wont stop till there is one law that’s sharia law for the whole earth…and they breed like rabbits .its evil..its a clear danger too the world…its end of the world stuff…the world is waking up but its too late cos 25 percent of the earth is now muslim they have a political agenda that’s uses our ways against us .. and don’t look too government too help ..cos that wont happen ,,

    • John Scully Says:

      It’s not about Islam or any other religion. It’s about power and money. As human beings, we’ve proven ourselves quite adept at seeking out our brother’s possessions and are willing to destroy to obtain them.

      Religion is simply a justification, a recruiting tool to capture those possessions and enhance personal power. Evoking the deity to defend mayhem is a powerful seduction. How can a killer claim his right to commit murder and robbery without otherwise being diagnosed criminally insane. Killing one another is incongruous when dreaming of a Creator. The progress civilizations make is much easier when those around you have already attained it.

      Ergo, if a peaceful people recognize this misuse of their tranquility, why then do they tolerate it? If peaceful Muslims abhor the invocation of Allah’s teachings to justify calamity, then why don’t they remove it? Fear? Fine, then live sheeplike in your misery. Aha, what misery you say? Would you rather live in the midieval world or a modern one? Citing past sins by a civiliation to defend present day atrocities is the sign of a stagnant mind. Proper debate should focus on the topic. A weak and failing thesis decries a tangential desperation.

      Does anyone really believe if terrorists weren’t religious they would instead be tame and calm? A terrorist is just that, until you start adding in adjectives such as jihadist, extremist, radical, rebel. Plain and simple – terrorism is a pathelogical psychosis. What’s that you say? “My people have been oppressed for so long, they’re acts are surely justified.” Please! You whip me, I behead you. It’s a sure indication of mental dysfunction. It must be.

      If we refuse to deal with this scourge, are we not equally convicted for allowing it to exist? Money=Power.

  25. Stephen Says:

    The ironic thing here is that it is not so much the Radical Muslim that you should fear. It is the so called 99% of peace loving moderate Muslims that are worse..
    These are the ones that will outbreed your local population by 4-5 times, thrust their culture and beliefs down your throat and eliminate everything you once loved about your countrie’s culture and way of life.
    When their numbers are up they will form NO GO Zones, where the local people dare not enter. France alone has over 750 these areas. In Germany the local police refuse to enter these zones and the government has had to recruit Muslim poice from Turkey to sort out any trouble there. The French government’s solution to this massive problem was to rename these areas ” culturally sensitive areas ” – thats a great solution! Belgium, UK. Sweden, Denmark, Nederlands, Norway are screwed. – they will all be Muslim countries in a couple of generations.
    So folks, you have a choice. Either you opt for a quick death at the hands of the Radical Muslims or you can choose a slow, painful death via letting the Moderate Muslims into your country.
    Just look at the reaction from the Muslim world after 9/11. Woman, children, brothers , sisters, cousins etc.were ALL dancing and wildly celebrating over 2000 plus people getting blown to pieces.
    These people were the MODERATE Muslims, they didn’t have black headbands and AK47 assault rifles.
    If this does not tell you what the average, peace-loving moderate Muslim thinks of us infidels then nothing will.

    • John Scully Says:

      So then Stephen, what is the answer? Genocide? Is that how you intend to fight this juggernaut?
      The Turks did. It was called genocide against Armenians, Greeks, Kurds and Assyrians. Poof.
      Is that what you are suggesting?
      Here in the USA we have a “culturally sensitive area” called Dearborn, Mi. How should be deal with it? Can you force a culture to assimilate? Will you conduct mass deportations? Once you give your possessions to another, it’s nearly impossible to take them back unless ethnic cleansing is your flavor.
      Skin Heads?
      The ballot box?

      Is that what it will take? Will we become bloody Nazis?
      You called it. We’d better do something quick or Armageddon will happen in the West, not Israel.

      What would you do?

  26. Stephen Says:


    Where did I mention genocide?
    All I said was the absolute FACTS of what is going on all over the world.
    There will be WW3 and it will be Islam vs rest of World..
    People will eventually wake up to the fact that they don’t want to be the minority in their own country.

  27. John Scully Says:

    Eventually? That’s Obama’s strategy. Contain and degrade. Meanwhile, innocent victims die.
    It’s what governments do with violence in the urban ghettos, contain and monitor.
    I say the world top dogs meet to suspend their differences and band together to cleanse the earth of this scourge once and for all.
    What does the mob say… it’s not personal, just business. You can’t thrive with stick-up kids infesting the real estate.
    Islam wants to fight? Let’s fight. They lose. Life goes on.

  28. Addy B Says:

    The filthy teachings are basically part of Islamic religious studies and practices. Islam does not have the capacity to co-exist. Islam does not have the capacity to live peace in the world with other. If they are 1%-5% they will exist silently, will greet you in your language as per your culture. They start creating problem as soon as they are more than 15% in your country. The world and Islam can not co-exist.

    • John Scully Says:

      It’s true. How can you deny it?
      But the question still lingers here. How do you stop it? It’s not the Islamic murderer that is swallowing up sovereign real estate. It’s so-called peaceful Muslims that support no-go zones in Western Europe and the USA. Why won’t they mix in with their host countries? The answer is clear – there is no need. Governments won’t stop them, who will?
      Therefore, peaceful Islam allows terrorizing the infidel so that Islam may reign. It’s divinely demanded. No need to kill, rape, pillage and burn. Just bring the whole family. Guilt assures it.
      This thread is packed with examples of Islamic radical hate. You can defeat an army with weapons. But how do you resist hundreds of thousands who’ve just walked in and taken your real estate? They didn’t shoot you for it. They just took it.
      Europeans have ruled their territory for nearly 2000 years. So now they just give it up?

  29. Jill Farley Says:

    This is partly true. I do not believe in war or becoming involved in anyone else’s war about or revolving around War! This link was ironically put out when suddenly our 1st amendment rights are being judged on Facebook right now! Just sayin’…

  30. Martin Says:

    Ban Muslim they don’t cause trouble in Portland or Japan

  31. Roy D. Says:

    The problem is Islam as a religion, Listen to this academic (Ayaan Hirsi Ali ) and make up your own mind.

  32. […] All Islamic history is perpetual conflict. Rather than accept the land granted by the Palestine Mandate confirmed by the Balfour Declaration […]

  33. […] Islamic history is perpetual conflict. Rather than accept the land granted by the Palestine Mandate confirmed by the Balfour Declaration […]

  34. 0849080402h Says:

    Click to see “WHY IS CHRISTIANITY BANNED IN 53 GLOBAL COUNTRIES? Study shows why!” God Willing:- https://thehijazpost.com/why-is-christianity-banned-in-53-global-countries/
    Click to see “Why is the world in such turmoil?” (With Proof-Updated Daily) God Willing:- https://thehijazpost.com/why-is-the-world-in-such-turmoil/

  35. […] Islamic history is perpetual conflict. Rather than accept the land granted by the Palestine Mandate confirmed by the Balfour Declaration […]

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