2010 shows the highest percentage of recruits joining IDF combat units in the history of the IDF

76% of Recruits Request Combat Positions.

מתגייסים קרביים


76% of Recruits Request Combat Positions

The current IDF draft is characterized once more by an increase in the desire to join combat units.  According to data publicized on Wednesday (Mar. 3) by the Head of the Human Resources Directorate, Maj. Gen. Avi Zamir, at a conference in honor of soldiers injured during Operation Cast Lead, 76% of the March recruits expressed the desire to be deployed in combat units, as opposed to 73% in March 2009. This is the highest percentage of all times of soldiers expressing this desire.

The great demand also presents a few challenges to the Human Resources Directorate. There is, for example, a shortage of soldiers who will serve in combat supporting positions such as cooks, technicians, mechanics, drivers and others.

“We are very satisfied with the data of the upcoming draft, which represents a peak of all times,” said Maj. Gen. Zamir at the ceremony. “This is an excellent youth, with the desire to contribute in the most significant places.”

The March draft will begin on Sunday (Mar. 7) with the new Golani Brigade recruits

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