Namer ⚔️ Israeli Heavy APC

PLEASE I need only a few more people to subscribe for free at: to give you vids that YouTube blocks. ( Including War and Remembrance.) Thanks to Military Weapons They are more heavily armored than the Merkava IV tanks. Subscribe Now – ⚔️ ⚔️ —————————————————— #Namer, means “leopard” and also a syllabic abbreviation of “Nagmash” (#APC) and “Merkava” is an Israeli armoured personnel carrier based on a Merkava Mark IV tank chassis. Namer was developed by and is being assembled by the Israeli Ordnance Corps. It has entered service in limited numbers with the Israel Defense Forces since the end of 2008. However, as of 2014, still only very limited numbers of Namers were in service with the IDF. Due to budgetary constraints, the introduction of the Namer into the IDF has been slow, leaving the ground forces dependent on the M113 for many years to come. According to the IDF, the Namer is the most heavily armored vehicle in the world of any type. Type: heavy armoured personnel carrier IFV upgrade planned Place of origin: Israel In service: 2008–present Used by: Israel Defense Forces Wars: Gaza War Operation Protective Edge Designer: Israel Military Industries Manufacturer: IDF Ordnance (assembly) Unit cost: $3 million Produced: 2008–present No. built: Current: Up to 120 are currently operational Future: A total of 531 are planned to be produced by 2027 (including those already built) ⚔️SPECIFICATIONS⚔️ Weight: 60 tonnes Crew: 3 (commander, driver, RCWS operator) + 9 troops Armor: Classified composite matrix of laminated ceramic-steel-nickel alloy + underlaid reactive armour. Sloped modular design. Main Armament: Samson RCWS equipped with either 12.7 mm (0.50 in) M2 machine gun, or Mk 19 grenade launcher, or smaller MG. Secondary Armament: 1 × 7.62 mm (0.300 in) FN MAG MG 1 × 60 mm (2.4 in) external mortar 12 smoke grenades Engine: 1,200 hp (895 kW) turbocharged diesel engine Power/weight: 20 hp/ton Payload capacity: 9 infantrymen Suspension: Helical spring Operational Range: 500 km (310 mi) Speed: 60 km/h (40 mph) – top speed

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