Right Angle – Are There Any Honest Reporters Left?

Right Angle – Are There Any Honest Reporters Left? Bill Whittle Channel via YouTube, July 21, 2017


According to the blurb beneath the video,

Buzzfeed claims Trump’s was on the media is viewed by his Republican Confederate, as a fake war, and they refuse to join the fight. In fact, some think they are caught in the middle and are being harmed as collateral damage.

Are President Trump’s broad attacks against the media helpful?

Bill Whittle, Scott Ott, and Stephen Green ask: Is there any honest reporters left?

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One Comment on “Right Angle – Are There Any Honest Reporters Left?”

  1. The media has an extreme liberal bias. Bad enough when they merely slant the facts to influence elections like they keep saying the Russians do; but they have been caught (by Project Veritas at CNN in particular) lying and making things up just to dump Trump. They have lost all credibility, they are pretty much just communist agitators with a loud and widespread mouthpiece. They are free to distort the truth to their bias, I just hope the people dump the mainstream media in response.

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