Industrial Scale Sexual Assault in Germany

Industrial Scale Sexual Assault in Germany, Power LineJohn Hinderaker, January 5, 2016

(“Nothing to do with Islam.” I think I may have heard that song before. — DM)

Heiko Maas, Germany’s justice minister, warned on Tuesday against linking the assaults to the influx of refugees, saying that the ethnicity of the perpetrators was irrelevant.


From the New York Times:

German authorities said on Tuesday that coordinated attacks in which young women were sexually harassed and robbed by hundreds of young men on New Year’s Eve in the western city of Cologne were unprecedented in scale and nature.

The assault, which went largely unreported for days….

In Germany, as in the U.S., the liberal media consider themselves gatekeepers whose primary role is to suppress stories that might cause people to draw the wrong conclusions.

…set off a national outcry after the Cologne police described the attackers as young men “who appeared to have a North African or Arabic” background, based on testimony from victims and witnesses. More than 90 people have filed legal complaints, the police said on Tuesday.

The police in Hamburg also said that 10 women had reported being sexually assaulted and robbed in a similar fashion on the same night, and they urged witnesses to come forward.

The attackers were killing two birds with one stone:

The Cologne police say they believe several hundred men, ages 15 to 35, were involved in the violence that began in the early hours of the New Year….

The men appeared to have broken into smaller groups, the police said, with each one encircling a woman; while some would grope the victim, others would steal her wallet or cellphone.

One victim reported that she had been raped, the police said.

The mass assaults are being chalked up to a cultural misunderstanding:

Germany took in more than one million migrants last year, and with the country struggling to deal with the political, social and wider consequences of the influx, the delayed public response has led to concerns that the authorities were playing down the seriousness of the assault to prevent it from becoming a point of contention in the broader debate.

In an effort to prevent further violence, Ms. Reker said that city officials would begin working on measures to help young women protect themselves and toexplain the city’s attitudes and norms to its many newcomers.

“We will explain our Carnival much better to people who come from other cultures,” she said, “so there won’t be any confusion about what constitutes celebratory behavior in Cologne, which has nothing to do with a sexual frankness.”

Apparently a considerable number of “newcomers” need to be told that sexual assault and robbery are frowned upon in Germany. This does not bode well.

The euphoria that accompanied the first wave of arrivals in Germany this summer has since given way to growing unease about the difficulty of integrating hundreds of thousands of people of a different religion and who were raised in a different culture.

Who could have seen that coming? The BBC has more, including this:

A policeman who was outside Cologne station during the New Year’s Eve trouble told the city’s Express news website that he had detained eight suspects. “They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates,” he said.

Despite news stories like this one, public officials persist in their cluelessness:

Heiko Maas, Germany’s justice minister, warned on Tuesday against linking the assaults to the influx of refugees, saying that the ethnicity of the perpetrators was irrelevant.

“The rule of the law does not look at where someone comes from but what they did,” Mr. Maas told reporters in Berlin.

Of course. But immigration law does “look at where someone comes from.” The influx of one million immigrants is a political choice, not a natural event.

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5 Comments on “Industrial Scale Sexual Assault in Germany”

  1. Tyrannovar Says:

    The Muslims are the hired help.

    The Bosses are the traitorous Globalist elite behind the creation of the EU… aka Eurabia.

  2. Tyrannovar Says:

    That’s why the Muslims are coming to Europe.
    For the same reason as all previous barbarian invasions.
    To rape pillage and plunder.
    When they’re done, Europe will look like the cow when the vultures are finished with it.

  3. Tyrannovar Says:

    “The rule of the law does not look at where someone comes from…”

    No, the rule of law does not, but the rule of War DOES, and when the war comes, all those who came from outside Europe, and all the traitors who aided them, will be dealt with, as all previous invaders of Europe have been dealt with.

  4. IraB Says:

    what precious little manhood that remains within western civilization is stifled by the mass addiction, to precepts related to progressive liberal influences, that has ravaged western values. time was when men would have reacted with violence to the beastly Muslim assaulting of western women. It merits mention, that the women, themselves, have vigorously behaved and acted to stifle manly behavior for DECDES. s this yet another turn, on the death spiral of western civ? I think it is!

  5. Louisiana Steve Says:

    Wouldn’t happen in my town without repercussions.

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